ALIEXPRESS, one of the leading shopping mall we love, is having a sale event again!
This time it called "The 7 Seas Sale Event" and as always in aliexpress sale events, you can find many products available in huge discounts of up to 95% off for thousands of products.

I'm waiting each time for these events, making a shopping list and adding things to my shopping cart. once the sale begins, all I have to do is to pay and enjoy the mega discount for the stuff I wish to buy.

Having 3 kids can cost quite a lot so I'm really waiting for these sales to buy and save.

The sale will happend on Augoust 19 2014, but in the week before the sale you can find many crazy discounts on thousand of products.

Enter the sale here 

Grab your coupon and have more discounts!

Like in each sale event, Aliexpress team is challenging us in silly simple games which you can spend few minuts of playing and earn coupons for later use in order to have more discount for your order in amount of up to 20$!

You can play each day a limited time of games and share with your friends to play more, and its quite nice, especially when you making an order of 100$, pay for it 20$ and get another 5-10$ discount. Its really worth it!

so take your time this week to check on the revealling of more products and discounts.


:What discounts you can find in this sale?

Clothing and apparel – up to 90% off, now is the time to preapare your closet for the upcoming winter

Home and kitchen accessories – up to 80% discount 


Kids apparel 


 Electronics – up to 95% discount on smartphones  and gadjets


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